Car of the Year 2020: Ciesse Piumini is Technical Sponsor

Car Of The Year 2020 choose Ciesse Piumini as Technical Sponsor of its events that took place in Italy.

Car Of The Year is born in 1964 thanks to some trade magazines which took the initiative and alternately took care or the organization and realization of the events, inviting the most influential journalists of the automotive world to attend the award ceremony.

The award is assigned to the car which, in the twelve months that preceded the award ceremony, proved to be the most remarkable in design and innovation. In order to take part to te competition the cars must be sold in at least five European nations. The giury, composed of automotive experts, judge the cars in competition relying on several parameters: from design to the respect for the environment, comfort and price-performance ratio.

The Italian magazine Auto, promoter of the event, choose Ciesse Piumini as technical sponsor. The Italian brand is not a stranger to the automotive world: already in the 2016, Ciesse Piumini it’s been the protagonist, in order to celebrate its 40ty anniversary, of a collaboration with the car manufacturer Citroën for the realization of the limited edition cars “Citroën Cactus x Ciesse Piumini”.

It’s been asked to Ciesse Piumini to take care of the quality, warmth and comfort of drivers and assistants, in a bond of values in which both Ciesse Piumini and Car Of The Year are identified.

The two events that preceded the final ceremony, that took place in Ginevra, it’s been arranged in two famous Italian Cities: the dynamic Milan, which lend to the event its shopping district City Life and the marvelous Courmayeur. During both the events the seven finals car were exhibited to the public: in Milan was possible to try out the cars on the streets of the city. In Courmayeur the cars were exhibited to the public while a DJ set liven up the event, followed by a public speech.