Ciesse Piumini's Essence: Fall-Winter 20/21

Ciesse Piumini F/W collection represent in a evident way the most inherent essence of the Brand: the fusion between Nature and Metropolis, between tradition and technology.

Inspired by Glamping – a combination made of glamour and camping ed.– which is the reading key to this philosophy: living nature with comfort and the city with nature. The main-theme is made up by the duality of Ciesse Piumini’s soul, from the dichotomy between the explorer, dreamer personality and the urban one.

Multiple reality coexists within the collection: our core, the light-weights, the 800 Fill Power enhanced by colors, ergonomic details and fabrics like the “Stretch” which guarantee the right equilibrium between functionality and performance. Some space is given also to the new proposals: from the medium-weights to the 3-in-1, a cross product to all the seasons, answering all the modern customer needs which is always looking for harmony between work and relax.

The collection it’s been enhanced with vibrant colors which make the palette contemporary and captivating.


Following the same trend, the Winter Collection it’s been enhanced by new designs and Fabrics in a range that comprehend Nylon, Ripstop and Lacquer without losing sight on modern designs made of simple looks and sophisticated details.

Winter palette looks more soft: it changes from the white’s exclusive look, to the beige up to the black without leaving out the nature’s colors like green, sand or the bright sunset orange.

Ciesse Piumini is much more than its iconic down jackets: the offer of the softshell – one of the themes more loved by the customers- it’s been extended and plain down jackets have been added to this collection from the Arctic look, guaranteeing comfort and warmth.

What we want is make the customer feeling like at home even on the street, the jackets must become an extension of our own home. The collection represents the reflection of two seemingly incompatible worlds but inextricably bonded.

Ciesse Piumini doesn’t represent a trend, but a real “from desk, to dinner and beyond” lifestyle.