Ciesse Piumini new logo: a journey into the Heritage

Heritage is the trend that nobody would give up, and it’s the exact reason for the restyling of the Ciesse Piumini’s logo.

Ciesse Piumini born in the 80’s with the iconic logo: The Liger, a rare feline noticed for the very first time in the Thoiry’s zoo in France. Born by the crossbreed between a Kenyan Lion, from whom get strength and fierceness, and a Bengal Tiger, symbol of elegance and curiosity.

Over the years Ciesse Piumini’s Liger it’s been included in several geometric shapes: from the rectangle, the triangle, to the well-know plectrum shape.

To this day the aim is to modernize the logo design in order to make it more contemporary and minimalist, without running the risk of losing our identity. That’s why the restyling of the logo brought to the result very near to the original one. We got inspiration from our traditions, enhancing our legacy.

We have incarnated into the design the enthusiastic, adventurous and open to the world spirit which characterized Ciesse’s Style since forever.

Ciesse Piumini new logo aim is to shift the focus from the geometric shape in which it’s been included, to the Liger itself, making it the protagonist.
The logo base structure remain untouched with its three key-elements: the Liger, the yellow moon and the circle itself.

In a time that the brand communication is shown especially on the Social media, each content needs to be catchy and immediate, in order to take the attention immediately. The characterizing elements of the logo must be immediately recognizable and distinctly noticeable both in the digital and physical reality.

Ciesse Piumini new logo is the evolution of a old one which see as protagonist a complex mix of shapes, its aim is to shit the focus from the complex shapes to the image itself, in order to represent the final transition to a more immediate, coherent and clear way of communication.

The value system includes the colors completely: the bright Liger Yellow express passion and confidence, combined with the Black -instead of the old Blue– which is symbol of strength, confidence and sophistication. To complete the logo, along with the curved linetype and the pictograph, we wanted to express our payoff, which is the core of Ciesse Piumini’s philosophy: Beyond Imagination.

Ciesse Piumini it’s born from nature and live adventurously.

The story and the passion are the common ground of every collection, formed by high quality, innovative and authentic products.

Our mission is to go over the human perspective, beyond immagination.