Ciesse Piumini say farewell to its founder Silvano Cinelli

At the age of 88, the historical entrepreneur from Borgo a Buggiano, Tuscany, Silvano Cinelli is passed away to unknown causes, not to due to the COVID-19 Sanitary Emergency.

Is thanks to his brilliant intuition that in the 1976, from the initials of his name, Silvano Cinelli creates Ciesse Piumini.

The logo itself is part of the legacy bequeathed by the tuscanian entrepreneur. The Liger represent all the values that always inspired Silvano Cinelli’s life: nature, authenticity and freedom.

Silvano Cinelli wrote the story of his community, a story of a self-made man, that begins during the postwar;
In this time Silvano works as a delivery boy for a Hungarian exile who created a factory for the processing of the natural goose down. In the 1965 Cinelli starts his own company: Cinelli Piume e Piumini, with the logo of a liger, but it’s only in the 1976 with the creation of Ciesse Piumini that the story became memorable.

Thanks to his unique creativity Ciesse Piumini it’s been the first Italian company to sell technical products padded with real goose down and made with innovative materials like Gore-Tex. Due to this, Ciesse Piumini became a leader in the industry during the 80’s-90’s, creating iconic outerwear designed to remain in the collective imaginary.  

Ciesse Piumini it’s been choosen as technical sponsor for the first Italian Antarctic expedition, for the Himalayian expedition led by the famous mountaineer Romolo Nottaris; Ciesse Piumini was also sponsor for the famous African rallys like the Paris-Dakar in which Ciesse Piumini had the opportunity to dress adventurous bikers as Beppe Gualini, or well-know personalities as the Princess Carolina di Monaco and her Husband Stefano Casiraghi.

Silvano Cinelli earned the credit of build a familiar relationship with his numerous coworkers, giving always a great importance at social values and sport activities which he loved to promote.

In the story and between the feathers of Ciesse Piumini, Silvano Cinelli will live forever.