Mittel S.p.a acquires the 90% of Sport Fashion Service, owner of the brand Ciesse Piumini.

After the Moncler experience, the Italian society Mittel decided to work again in the technical-sportif and urban-lifestile clothing market. 

The aim of the society is to valorize, by an important investment strategy, all the small enterprises of the well-known Made In Italy. The whole operation was worth €11,53 million.

The President of the Executive commettee, Marco Colacicco, has declared:

With the acquirement of  Ciesse Piumini we wanted to extend the diversification of the Mittel’s investment portfolio. We aim to enforce the management team and to increase the annual revenue“. 

Mittel S.p.a. wants to be the fuel for the future development, by being more than a simple financial support: it wants to be the industrial partner for a long-term partnership.

The strategy provide the realization of a omni-channel distribuiton model in order to promote the development of the brand in the digital channel and, in the meantime, the strengthening of the traditional distribution channels.

Fabio Primerano, Engineer, with a significant experience in the administration of International realities and in the business development through digital Channels, it’s been nominate as Executive Chief.