Ciesse Piumini’s Essence: Fall-Winter 20/21

Ciesse Piumini’s Essence: Fall-Winter 20/21 Ciesse Piumini F/W collection represent in a evident way the most inherent essence of the Brand: the fusion between Nature and Metropolis, between tradition and technology. Inspired by Glamping – a combination made of glamour and camping ed.– which is the reading key to this philosophy: living nature with comfort […]

Ciesse Piumini new Logo: a journey into the Heritage

Ciesse Piumini new logo: a journey into the Heritage Heritage is the trend that nobody would give up, and it’s the exact reason for the restyling of the Ciesse Piumini’s logo. Ciesse Piumini born in the 80’s with the iconic logo: The Liger, a rare feline noticed for the very first time in the Thoiry’s […]

Ciesse Piumini say farewell to the founder Silvano Cinelli

Ciesse Piumini say farewell to its founder Silvano Cinelli At the age of 88, the historical entrepreneur from Borgo a Buggiano, Tuscany, Silvano Cinelli is passed away to unknown causes, not to due to the COVID-19 Sanitary Emergency. Is thanks to his brilliant intuition that in the 1976, from the initials of his name, Silvano […]

Mittel S.p.a. acquires Ciesse Piumini

Mittel S.p.a acquires the 90% of Sport Fashion Service, owner of the brand Ciesse Piumini. After the Moncler experience, the Italian society Mittel decided to work again in the technical-sportif and urban-lifestile clothing market. The aim of the society is to valorize, by an important investment strategy, all the small enterprises of the well-known Made In Italy. The […]